Why not to learn now how to get proxy settings on Windows 7?

Surf anonymously, can it make your day? Here is the answer, and it is of course only partly true… just because by the IP one can usually track who was the author of an undesirable action. Insofar this method is suitable only to circumvent barriers or to disguise the actual terminal, and it definitely remains questionable from legal point of view.

In any case, you can hide the current IP with which you are surfing the web, while Proxy settings are automatically recognized by Windows Internet Explorer. Older NAS systems support proxies and Windows 7 allegedly not automatically can switch to correct proxy setting. In the following tutorial we show you how you can disable the proxy service in Windows 7 or enable it, and how to get proxy settings on windows 7 run. Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Connections tab, where you click LAN Settings
  2. Enter the address of your proxy server
  3. When you see the Port field, you should enter the number of the port used by proxy server.

If you install 7, so be Service Pack 1 of Windows by default, backups of the overwritten files. These files can take up to 1.5 GB of disk space. If the computer after you install Windows Service Pack 1 is stable and not to a state before their installation would like to return, so you can remove them with the help of Disk Cleanup these backup files. In the following article we will show you step-by-step instruction on how to do this all.

Here are a few points that you can check:

servername instead of http: \\ server name field.

If you enter a UNC (Universal Naming Convention) or local network address for the proxy server, make sure that you instead reverse Schrag characters (\) from Schrag slashes (/) use. Enter z. B. \\ servername instead of // server name field.

It can happen, that in Windows 7 problems occur that make change of the allocation of network locations impossible, and users may experience problems in the definitions of their network locations. “Treat Future networks as public networks. Do not ask again.”

This function is changeable, but there is no change between the sites any more. According to Microsoft, this error may occur on Windows 7, if this function has been activated before. What’s more, various types of malware change the settings of your Internet connection. This makes access to the Internet impossible.

In most cases, a proxy server is created which guides you through the IP address This IP address corresponds to the local host and is your own PC. Should not you be able to connect to the Internet, then please check your connection settings.

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