Why do gamers use proxies

Online games are quite popular today. Many prefer to rest at the computer, transferred for a while to the exciting virtual world. The use of online versions frees you from the need to download gaming applications, all you need from the player – to register on the appropriate site and you can start the game. Moreover, some users even earn real money in the game. But they use a proxy server.

Why do gamers need a proxy? – It turns out that the use of gaming proxies provides a number of advantages, the most important of which are:

  1. The possibility of using a cache system that ensures the security of stored data, making it inaccessible to outsiders and making it available to the user of the proxy at any time.
  2. Access to the Peer to Peer (P2P) protocol, which provides high speed peer-to-peer data exchange, eliminating the need for a dedicated server intermediary between players.
  3. The use of the P2P protocol provides the ability to exchange data between users who have gained access to this network.
  4. Using a proxy server provides complete anonymity of the player, contributing to his security. Changing the user’s IP address through a proxy eliminates the possibility of hackers tracking his personal data.
  5. The ability to hide your actual location by selecting an IP address that belongs to another country. In this way, you can prevent many unwanted consequences of tracking an address. Keep in mind that free proxies do not always contribute to the effective protection of personal information.
  6. A proxy server provides reliable protection against DDoS type hacker attacks. A proxy accepts an attack on its IP address, making the actual user’s IP address completely secure.
  7. Using a proxy allows you to access foreign websites that are blocked from foreign users. By purchasing a proxy packet with the IP address of that country, you can easily bypass this blocking.
  8. Some professional gamers use the ability to change the location of a proxy to play with friends on the same server, no matter where in the world they are.
  9. Quality gaming proxies exclude the interruption of the game because of the inaccessibility of the local server, simply changing the location and allowing you to continue playing on another server.
  10. Each gamer needs a high quality Internet. Different variations in location, provided by the proxy, allows you to choose a server that provides the highest quality communication.

Thus, the use of a proxy server provides high quality of the game, with full respect for the confidentiality of its actual location and, accordingly, the personal data of users. In addition, experienced gamers who use online games as a means of earning money with the help of a proxy can expect to increase income.

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