What is a VPN and what is the difference between a VPN and a proxy

VPN and proxy are two different ways of anonymous use of the Internet that are easily confused. They are, however, different in principle and are suitable for different tasks.

A proxy is an intermediate server that receives requests from a user’s device. They are modified and come to the target server already on behalf of the proxy server. Thus, the real IP-address, the geographical location of the user and the possibility of 100% anonymous work in the network are masqueraded.

Working with a proxy is very easy to set up, it takes a few minutes. Both free and less reliable proxy servers are available, which can be found on special sites, and paid – higher quality, faster and more reliable.

The principle of VPN is different. VPN by definition is a virtual private network. The request of the device of the user arrives not on a remote or target server, and in a private virtual network. Then a secure connection to the requested server is established. This guarantees the connection security, but slows it down.

Differences between proxy servers and VPN

Proxy server VPN
Anonymity Each proxy server has its own IP address. When buying a proxy package, the user can comfortably manage a large number of accounts in social networks, games and other services.

Proxies provide the ability to work with programs that carry out large numbers of requests to target servers.

This approach provides 100% anonymous surfing capability. Even the ISP will not be able to get the user’s history!

But all devices on the private LAN have the same IP address, so for mass registration or just creating a second account on the forum or in the game VPN is not suitable.

Setting up It is necessary to enter data about the proxy server into the settings of the browser or program. Usually it takes several minutes.

For simplification of work it is possible to establish expansion for a browser (Proxy switcher and manager or another)

Most users use VPNs as a way to access sites that are not allowed on their local network. You will need to install an extension that allows access via VPN for Google Chrome or another browser (Hotspot shield VPN free proxy, Setup VPN – lifetime free VPN, etc.)
Cost Even large quantities of quality proxies are inexpensive. You can buy one proxy from Fineproxy for just a few dollars, and a package of 3000 American proxies will cost you $50 a month. A secure VPN costs a lot more than a proxy. Typically, prices are several times higher than for high quality, high-speed individual proxies.
Speed Since the work of the proxy is based on the principle of caching, the speed of the Internet connection of the user does not fall, and in some cases even increases. VPN creates an additional load on the user’s device, which causes the speed of access to the network to drop, and may also cause failures. This applies to both free and paid options.
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