What for can be necessary to buy socks proxy

If you already use http/https proxy, but they do not fully meet your needs, you are in the right place. Fineproxy offers to buy socks proxy. With their help you will get ample opportunities for multi-thread access to various services and higher IP address protection.

What  socks proxies are and what  advantages they have

To date, socks proxies lead in popularity and there are good reasons for that:

  • Socks proxies provide a higher degree of anonymity than http/https proxies. They convey absolutely no information about the user’s IP address. The target website or program are not able to determine whether a proxy is being used. The connection is perceived as such effected directly from the user’s device.
  • When you buy dedicated socks5 proxy, you get full support for standard http and ssl connections, ftp connections for downloading files, as well as the ability to connect using other protocols.
  • Protocol Socks5 unlike Socks4 supports standard authorization (username and password), UDP and IPv6, as well as the ability to perform a remote DNS query.
  • Socks5 proxies allow you to build chains of a large number of servers.

Comparison of protocols HTTP(s) and socks4,5

HTTP(s) Socks4,5
Anonymity The connection can be transparent and does not mask the user’s IP address. 100% anonymity of connection. The requested service does not have the technical ability to determine the IP address.
Connection They are applied only to gain access to sites. They allow you to use many different connections (http, https, ftp and others).
Ease of use You constantly have to use proxy checkers to check for elitism, because only elite proxies provide a completely anonymous connection. They are initially elite, no verification is required. Buy socks5 proxy and see it yourself!

Who needs buy socks5 proxy?

There are both professionals and common users among our clients. Our proxies are ideal for the following activities:

  • Mass registration in social networks for the purpose of promotion of communities and the use of several advertising accounts without the risk of getting a ban.
  • Mass registration on forums for the purpose of multiposting, crowd marketing, promotion of goods and services.
  • Numerous connections to the servers of Google, Bing, Yahoo to investigate search positions of sites using Semrush, RankerX, Alexa and other programs.
  • Works of server scripts for downloading a large number of text, graphic, audio and video materials from other sites (web scrapping).
  • Use of traffic bots to increase traffic of your site.
  • Creating a large number of ads on CraigsList and other bulletin boards.
  • Safe  watching of videos, downloading of movies, music, programs.

Where to buy dedicated socks5 proxy?

The best site to buy dedicated proxies is Fineproxy. All our proxies support http, https, socks4 and socks5 protocols.

Immediately after payment you will get access to the control panel. Here you can download the proxy list, according to your chosen package.Setup takes only a few minutes, and in case of difficulties, our support service will consult you using the ticket system or via online chat.

Here is the way of easy downloading of socks proxies from your personal account immediately after making a payment and receiving an email alert.

Download Proxy Lists

What programs use socks proxy?

Before you buy dedicated socks5 proxy make sure that the selected program or service supports work with them. You can find the answer in Google. But do not worry! The proxies from our socks5 proxy list work with all the popular services and meet the needs of customers from 69 countries all over the world!

Buy dedicated proxy now, and you will get the best proxies for comfortable work in a variety of services:

  • After a simple setup, you will be able to visit any sites using your favorite browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.)
  • Desktop and mobile applications such as Telegram and WhatsApp work fine with our proxies. Buy socks5 proxy and get the opportunity to conduct a marketing campaign in popular messengers in secure and uninterrupted way!
  • Configuring of the use of proxies in the torrent client is simple and clear. You will securely protect your connection and hide the real IP address with a 100% guarantee. When using BitTorent or Utorrent, you can download movies, games, music without the risk of being detected.
  • Buy dedicated proxy  and get access to the sites that do not provide a direct connection (for example, with our proxies you can connect to the Git repository).
  • If your access to certain sites (Facebook, Instagram) is prohibited in your local network (for example, in the workplace) , buy dedicated proxy and get the opportunity to bypass the administrator’s ban.

Socks Proxy features

All the proxies in our socks5 list have the following advantages:

  • Unlimited traffic. You will not have to keep records of downloaded or uploaded gigabytes. Buy socks proxy and forget about limitations.
  • The maximum possible connection speed. You can always use SpeedTest or other speed measuring service and make sure that the download / upload speed is not less than with a direct connection.
  • The easy-to-use control panel allows you to track the proxy usage statistics, to renew the tariff package, carry out an update.
  • Our proxies allow you to simulate a connection from a large number of cities. Thanks to this, social networks, Google or other services will not even suspect that this is a massive access organized by one and the same user.
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