Differences between Residential Proxies and Data Center proxy

If you’re wondering what the difference between a Residential Proxies and a Data Center proxy is, you already know what a proxy is and what it’s for. But you can’t decide which proxies to choose yet. In this article we will tell you the difference between these types of proxies.

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Having some idea of these types of proxies, we can highlight the following differences:

  1. Price. Residential Proxies have a high price, while the price of 1 Data Center proxy can start from 0.02$.
  2. Anonymity. Since Data Center proxy is a kind of intermediary between an Internet service provider and a buyer of proxy servers and there is no direct connection between them, this type of proxy is more anonymous and it becomes almost impossible to determine the real IP-address. While Residential Proxies are provided by ISPs themselves, it is possible to determine the real IP address.
  3. Mass use. Data Center proxy providers can provide access to hundreds of thousands of IP addresses. Residential Proxies cannot boast of such a large number of IP addresses, and if some providers can provide a large number of IP addresses, the price for them will be very high.
  4. Security. Residential Proxies are issued in one hand and you can be sure that no one can interfere with your work. With Data Center proxy, you need to be careful and buy them from trusted vendors. These proxies can be used by multiple people at the same time, so there is an increased risk of getting blocked on some sites before you go there.
  5. Legitimacy. Some websites and services may prohibit the use of proxies to work with them. Because Residential Proxies are provided by real service providers, it is impossible to determine that this is a proxy server and not a normal Internet connection. This is not the case with Data Center proxy. If you buy low-quality proxies or use free lists, they can be defined as proxies and these IPs will be blacklisted.

Above are five main differences. But it is worth noting that everyone chooses the type that suits them. One needs cheap proxies for multithreaded work, the other needs home IP addresses, which will not differ from the real IP addresses. Therefore, it is impossible to say which type is better and which is worse. This solution is up to you.

What is a Data Center proxy?

When you are faced with the question of hiding or changing the real IP address, the best and most secure method is to use proxy servers. A proxy is an IP address that masks the real IP address. Thus, no one can find out who you are and where you come from.

The most popular type is Data Center proxy. These are proxies that are not directly related to ISPs. They are hosted in large Data Centers and provide complete anonymity and privacy.

It should be kept in mind that Data Center proxy can be used by several people at the same time. They can be Shared and Private. So Shared will use several people at the same time, which can lead to the blocking of a specific IP-address on different sites or services.

Advantages of Data Center proxy:

  1. High anonymity.
  2. Privacy.
  3. A large number of IP addresses.
  4. Low price.
  5. Relatively high speed.
  6. Availability of free proxy servers.
  7. Availability.

Disadvantages of Data Center proxy:

  1. Can use several people at the same time.
  2. There are unreliable service providers.
  3. A lot of scammers. Buy only from trusted vendors.

What are Residential Proxies?

To understand what a Residential proxy is, first of all you need to understand what a proxy server is. A proxy is a server that works between a client and the Internet. All information requested and received by the client is first passed through the proxy server, and then it reaches the final recipient. If it is a request from a client, the information is transmitted through the proxy to the requested resource and vice versa, if the requested resource passes the information to the user, it passes through the proxy server to the client. Thus, the requested resource in the network has no direct connection with the client and does not receive any information about the real client, its location and other parameters that affect the anonymity.

Now let’s talk about Residential proxy

A Residential proxy is a proxy issued by an ISP. It is the same as the actual IP address that you are given when you connect to the Internet. If you check your real IP address now, you will see not only a set of numbers, but also the country, city, ISP name, browser information, etc. Similarly, when you buy a Residential proxy, they will be bound to a specific ISP, country, city, and, in some cases, address. And if we talk about anonymity, this type of proxy does not provide complete anonymity. The provider has given you the Residential proxy and at the same time it knows your real IP and will disclose your anonymity through the ISP. Therefore, this type of proxy is not very popular.

Advantages of the Residential proxy:

  1. Low probability of being blacklisted as an Internet resource.
  2. High trust from Internet resources.
  3. Continuity.
  4. Legitimacy of their use.
  5. High security and safety.
  6. Reliability and uninterrupted operation.

Disadvantages of the Residential proxy:

  1. Lack of anonymity.
  2. High price.
  3. Difficulty in acquisition.
  4. There is no possibility of buying a large number.

What is WebRTC and how to deal with it

WebRTC is a solution developed by Google that was created to share video and other information in real time. It does not require the launch of special software or the use of social networks, messengers. In simple words, with the help of WebRTC you can make a video call without Skype or other messenger directly in the browser window.

Despite the fact that the development of WebRTC was invested a lot of effort, money and other resources, it has not lived up to expectations, and today is not only unable to cope with its function, but also is dangerous. The problem is the connection technology. WebRTC establishes a direct connection between users’ devices, which may result in the leakage of some information, in particular, the actual IP addresses.

Moreover, with WebRTC it is impossible to mask the IP address even when using a proxy or VPN!

The problem wouldn’t be so pressing if WebRTC was implemented as an application that requires installation, but it is by default included with the most popular browsers, such as Google Chrome. Moreover, it is activated right after installation on the device!

That’s why users who are worried about their security during data transfer prefer to turn it off. There are two ways to do this with Google Chrome:

  • Through the WebRTC Leak Prevent application (the rating is very high, 151,000 installations) or a similar program.
  • Manually making settings in the browser interface. The option is suitable for users of mobile devices running the Android OS. To do this, enter the phrase “chrome://flags/#disable-webrtc” in your browser, then find and activate the function “Disable WebRTC Android”.

Alternatives to WebRTC

When WebRTC is switched off, the issue of reliable online data transfer is still a topical one for many users. For this purpose, you can use traditional methods – messengers (WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram), which are specially designed for this purpose, or messenger of social network Facebook.

If you need to create a secure and anonymous connection, you can use two different approaches:

  • VPN. By installing a browser application, you can mask your IP address and send information anonymously. The recipient will not be able to determine the IP address and settings of the device. Disadvantages: Failure and slow connection may occur.
  • Proxy server. When you make settings in the browser interface or change the connection settings of an application or desktop program, you set the connection to 100% anonymous. Moreover, when using multiple proxies, you can establish several different connections at the same time, each time masking your real geographical location, which will not be revealed by either the remote user or the requested online resource.

Proxy for boosting of views and attendance

Do you want to increase your site traffic or just the number of views of news or articles? This will definitely be displayed in Google Analytics reports and will lead to improvement of Alexa-rating. Or maybe your goal is to get 100,000 subscribers in Pinterest or 10,000 likes in Instagram?

Organic growth takes too long, so you can always take advantage of alternative ways. The most obvious is to ask your friends and acquaintances to visit the site every day using different browsers. But it won’t have a significant effect, and it will take a lot of effort. If it is a question of promotion in social networks, then one friend is able to put only one like and vote only once.

The alternative is to use the software, which is designed specifically to boost your attendance. For example, with the help of Zennoposter, you can create a bot that will come to the site every minute. Next day you will see 1440 unique visitors in the Google Analytics report.

A prerequisite for the use of such software is the presence of a large number of proxies, because only those visitors who came to the site from different IP-addresses are considered unique. For such a task is ideal package of 1000-3000 proxies, which you can buy from FineProxy.

Many online marketers who are engaged in the promotion of social networks, use tools such as surveys. They also often need a lot of likes and comments. Proxies are also needed for this purpose.

Simply enter proxy information into your browser settings, and the server you are requesting will always perceive you as a new, unique visitor. Noticeable time saving is observed if you do it not manually, but use special software.

Programs such as Massplanner, Iconosquare allow you to manage surveys, set likes and carry out a full range of measures to promote your pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social networks.

Every website owner knows that direct cooperation with advertisers brings more money than installing Google Ads contextual advertising blocks. If Google Analytics reports are classified information, Alexa Rank of any website can be found out very quickly. Lowering it (the lower it is, the better) is not so difficult. To do this, you can use Visitor Maker or other software that emulates visits to the site from different IP addresses.

It is not necessary to choose the best program for boost of attendance for a long time, because they are all similar. The principle of their work is the same: the result directly depends on the quality of the proxy you use.

FineProxy proxies are ideal for improving Alexa Rank, website traffic, promotion of pages and groups in search engines by performing similar, but mass actions.

Proxy for SEO tools (Xrumer, SEnuke, RankerX, Zennoposter)

Search engine optimization and social marketing are unthinkable without the use of software. It is designed specifically to simplify the work of online marketers with search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, social networks Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other online services.

The key link when working with such software is a proxy. Without them, multithreaded work is impossible, even if the most modern software is used.


This is the most popular program in the world for mass publication of messages on forums and comments in blogs, built on a variety of CMS. With the help of Xrumer seo-specialist can set up an advertising campaign, the result of which will be the publication of many thousands of posts in a short period of time. If you do this from a single IP address, it will be instantly blocked and blacklisted. Proxy solves the problem: the requested sites believe that they are accessed by a large number of users from different cities and countries. If you use Xrumer for crowd marketing instead of spamming, you can get not only backlinks, but also a lot of targeted traffic.


One of the best seo services for fast growth of positions in search engines. It can be used to set up mass publication in such services as Twitter, Tumbler, WordPress.Com, Forsquare and others. If in the case of different online resources it is possible to work from the same IP-address, then in the case of mass publication of messages on one site without a proxy. For correct work of RankerX it is necessary to buy a package of several hundreds or thousands of proxies, set up the campaign and observe the growth of the promoted website in the shortest possible time.


The program for automation of various routine processes. It can be used to program bots that upload videos to YouTube, leave comments on Facebook, and publish links on Twitter at regular intervals. Some experts even manage to set up Zennoposter bots for simple crowd marketing campaigns on forums and social networks. Needless to say, large numbers of IP addresses are simply critical for such purposes? Authors of even the best quality content will be blocked if they work from the same IP address.


A leading online service that seo-specialists use to increase the external reference mass. A large number of links are also impossible without quality and reliable proxies. Buy a package of proxies, add them to the program settings and keep track of backlinks. With a competent approach, it almost always leads to the growth of the website in search engines.

Qualitative, fast and reliable proxies for working in these and other programs (for example, Scrapebox, GSA SER) you can always find at FineProxy!

Proxy is one way to bypass the blocking of sites in U.S. schools

Since the creation of the network, there has been a debate in the U.S. about the appropriateness of access to free Internet in mainstream schools. As early as 2000, the United States passed the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), which provides for the blocking of certain content.

At the time, the law was controversial because filtering tools were rather rude and often restricted access not only to banned sites, but also to certain educational information. In addition, opponents of the Law made such arguments as creation of social inequality between schoolchildren (not everyone had access to the Internet at home at that time), lack of opportunity to teach children to allocate useful content, etc.

Today, content filtering is carried out by intelligent filters, which provide a flexible approach to providing access to information, including the possibility of age limits and other criteria. Filtering systems can be controlled remotely and customized according to the specified parameters.

Content filtering is carried out through several basic methods:

  • Blacklist. Prohibited content and sites that carry a risk of virus infection are combined into a special list. Any request is checked for presence in these lists and at reception of the positive answer, access to a requested portal is forbidden.
  • Filters by content category. Limit access to resources containing information of pornographic, racist and other prohibited subjects that do not provide educational value.
  • Content filtering by keywords. This includes the creation of a list of keywords and phrases, the use of which in a certain amount is the reason for restricting access to the site. To avoid the filtering of sites with useful content because of the so-called algorithmic risk, a white list of websites is created.

In any case, the vast majority of schools in the United States, according to CIPA, filter the content provided to students, which is protested by a certain category of the public. For example, the Association of School Librarians in the United States has expressed the view that young people should learn to select useful information for themselves, which will help to shape critical thinking while prohibitions will not do any good.

The U.S. students should be given credit. While there is debate about the Internet’s participation in the educational process and the need to block banned content, they have found an easy way to bypass the blocking. We are talking about proxy servers.  The use of proxies provides access to sites that bypass the ban.

Why do gamers use proxies

Online games are quite popular today. Many prefer to rest at the computer, transferred for a while to the exciting virtual world. The use of online versions frees you from the need to download gaming applications, all you need from the player – to register on the appropriate site and you can start the game. Moreover, some users even earn real money in the game. But they use a proxy server.

Why do gamers need a proxy? – It turns out that the use of gaming proxies provides a number of advantages, the most important of which are:

  1. The possibility of using a cache system that ensures the security of stored data, making it inaccessible to outsiders and making it available to the user of the proxy at any time.
  2. Access to the Peer to Peer (P2P) protocol, which provides high speed peer-to-peer data exchange, eliminating the need for a dedicated server intermediary between players.
  3. The use of the P2P protocol provides the ability to exchange data between users who have gained access to this network.
  4. Using a proxy server provides complete anonymity of the player, contributing to his security. Changing the user’s IP address through a proxy eliminates the possibility of hackers tracking his personal data.
  5. The ability to hide your actual location by selecting an IP address that belongs to another country. In this way, you can prevent many unwanted consequences of tracking an address. Keep in mind that free proxies do not always contribute to the effective protection of personal information.
  6. A proxy server provides reliable protection against DDoS type hacker attacks. A proxy accepts an attack on its IP address, making the actual user’s IP address completely secure.
  7. Using a proxy allows you to access foreign websites that are blocked from foreign users. By purchasing a proxy packet with the IP address of that country, you can easily bypass this blocking.
  8. Some professional gamers use the ability to change the location of a proxy to play with friends on the same server, no matter where in the world they are.
  9. Quality gaming proxies exclude the interruption of the game because of the inaccessibility of the local server, simply changing the location and allowing you to continue playing on another server.
  10. Each gamer needs a high quality Internet. Different variations in location, provided by the proxy, allows you to choose a server that provides the highest quality communication.

Thus, the use of a proxy server provides high quality of the game, with full respect for the confidentiality of its actual location and, accordingly, the personal data of users. In addition, experienced gamers who use online games as a means of earning money with the help of a proxy can expect to increase income.

How to set up a proxy for Mac OS

Mac OS is quite a popular operating system, which is famous for its smooth operation, reliability and speed. But if you switch from Windows OS to Mac, at first sight it will not be clear and it will be difficult to deal with all the settings. Therefore, we have prepared a manual for you on how to set up a proxy server in MAC OS.

First you need to open the Apple menu and select “System Preferences”.

Next, select “Network” from the list.

After that, select your Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection from the list in the right menu and click “Advanced”.

From the top menu, select “Proxies” and check the “Web proxy (HTTP)” checkbox and enter your proxy and port on the right side. If the proxy requires a login and password for authorization, enter it below.

Then switch to “Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS)” and make the same settings.

If you need to connect SOCKS Proxy, do the same thing as http and https.

Next, click “OK” and “Apply”. That’s where the settings are finished. You can open your browser and use the Internet.