The easiest guide on how to fix proxy settings on Windows 8


When you try to access any of your Network folders, you get a proxy server error – typically, due to incorrect proxy settings so that the DNS server is not found. Then you can reset the proxy settings in an administrative command prompt:

C: \ Windows \ system32> netsh

netsh> winhttp

netsh winhttp> import proxy source = ie

When you check the PC Settings and Network connections, you can find a Proxy Server turned on. Was it in the previous version of Windows that UAC was disabled by default? This may be one reason for the non-functioning proxy settings on Windows 7, 8.

If this is the case, you can try to put on the User Account Control UAC settings to “high”. If that does not work out, a fresh install of Windows helps.

How to fix proxy settings on Windows 8 within this scheme of things?

Check temporary folder in Internet Explorer. It is error and trial kind of things now, however, a non-existent path to a temporary folder of Internet Explorer leads to various malfunctions. This could also affect the Windows Proxy Settings.

You turn your PC off and the WE works again. However, once you log off and in or power off your PC, the problem is back again.

For this purpose an administrative command prompt pops up and the command wsreset.exe will be executed. Further, perform file system check:

a1: Windows 8 gives error 0x8024001E

Reset WE cache

Check system for damaged system files with:

a2: 8 Windows: Repair Components Goals

Reclassify user accounts

Occasionally, the user profile can be causing the problem. Change the user account from the Microsoft account back to a local account, and you boot Windows 8 once more. Then reconnect the Windows IE with the Microsoft accounts.

Since it was upgraded from 8, there have been issues with Software Store. Despite the Internet connection is OK, IE would not pick up the Internet connection.

We are inquisitive and we have learned that the issue can be addressed by going to Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings where you disable proxy server, so that it stays disabled for the current session, which means when you reboot the system, it is enabled again.

Again, we had also seen cases in the Microsoft Answers forums where damaged system files are blamed for not getting WE up and running.

Weird enough. However, having encountered the exact same issue when trying to select proxy.pac file instead of standard proxy menu, convinced us that by default it will keep proxy LAN settings enabled.

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