Proxy for SEO and SMM specialists

In the struggle for the first place in the search engine output, SEO-specialists use both white and black methods of project promotion. Search engines, in turn, fight against aggressive methods of promotion and put restrictions in the form of captures or blocking IP on any mass actions, such as parsing search engine output, multithreaded surfing on search engines, parsing content, sites, etc. Therefore, without the use of proxy servers, SEO-specialists can not make a qualitative promotion. And it concerns not only SEO, but also SMM.

For specialists in the field of social marketing and search engine promotion of proxies solve a wide range of problems, such as:

  • collection of key requests;
  • collection and analysis of competitors;
  • Parsing sites and any information;
  • Social networking;
  • Crowd-marketing;
  • Mass creation of profiles in social networks, on websites, forums and blogs.

In general, the proxy server – is a necessary tool to raise sites in the top search engines and promote goods and services in social networks.

Example of using a proxy in SEO

SEO is a set of tools, the use of which is aimed at increasing the visibility of the site on the Internet. The main tool for promotion is the semantic core of the site, which should be properly composed. Kernel – a set of target phrases that the site will be promoted in search engines. And just in order to collect it, SEO-specialists use multithreaded programs that parachute keywords from different resources. Without the use of proxies, these programs will not work, because for multithreading work it is very important that each thread works on its own unique IP-address, which through a certain number of requests changed to a new one. Otherwise, search engines or any other sites will perceive the actions as suspicious. Then they will either block access or severely limit possible actions.

The proxy server acts as an intermediary between you and the site and helps to bypass any restrictions and blocking as all actions will be carried out each time with a new IP-address, and if the proxy is blocked, you can easily change it.

Specifically, in this case, you can do without a proxy, but then you will have to abandon multithreading work and programs. You will have to collect all the information manually. Just imagine that a semantic kernel will consist of 100,000 key phrases. The program can work in 100 threads and collect this amount in about half an hour. It will take a few days for a person to collect the same amount of data by hand. That’s why the proxy is also a guarantee of fast and efficient work.

This is only one of dozens or even hundreds of cases where proxies are needed for fast and high-quality work of SEO and SMM specialists.

So should we use proxies for SEO and SMM?

Anyone who appreciates himself and his work, a specialist will confidently say that the use of proxies in the work is simply necessary. They help to save time, effort and costs. Especially since you can buy a proxy from us at a price of $0.02 apiece.

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