Proxy for boosting of views and attendance

Do you want to increase your site traffic or just the number of views of news or articles? This will definitely be displayed in Google Analytics reports and will lead to improvement of Alexa-rating. Or maybe your goal is to get 100,000 subscribers in Pinterest or 10,000 likes in Instagram?

Organic growth takes too long, so you can always take advantage of alternative ways. The most obvious is to ask your friends and acquaintances to visit the site every day using different browsers. But it won’t have a significant effect, and it will take a lot of effort. If it is a question of promotion in social networks, then one friend is able to put only one like and vote only once.

The alternative is to use the software, which is designed specifically to boost your attendance. For example, with the help of Zennoposter, you can create a bot that will come to the site every minute. Next day you will see 1440 unique visitors in the Google Analytics report.

A prerequisite for the use of such software is the presence of a large number of proxies, because only those visitors who came to the site from different IP-addresses are considered unique. For such a task is ideal package of 1000-3000 proxies, which you can buy from FineProxy.

Many online marketers who are engaged in the promotion of social networks, use tools such as surveys. They also often need a lot of likes and comments. Proxies are also needed for this purpose.

Simply enter proxy information into your browser settings, and the server you are requesting will always perceive you as a new, unique visitor. Noticeable time saving is observed if you do it not manually, but use special software.

Programs such as Massplanner, Iconosquare allow you to manage surveys, set likes and carry out a full range of measures to promote your pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social networks.

Every website owner knows that direct cooperation with advertisers brings more money than installing Google Ads contextual advertising blocks. If Google Analytics reports are classified information, Alexa Rank of any website can be found out very quickly. Lowering it (the lower it is, the better) is not so difficult. To do this, you can use Visitor Maker or other software that emulates visits to the site from different IP addresses.

It is not necessary to choose the best program for boost of attendance for a long time, because they are all similar. The principle of their work is the same: the result directly depends on the quality of the proxy you use.

FineProxy proxies are ideal for improving Alexa Rank, website traffic, promotion of pages and groups in search engines by performing similar, but mass actions.

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