Learn How to Use Proxy in Backtrack 5

It is very common for people nowadays to hide their identity in order to keep in a secret the pages they visit. It’s a great opportunity to look for any sort of information at home or especially at work. There are several ways to do this. Some users prefer single proxy while others choose multiple proxies. However those who have Backtrack shouldn’t worry at all as in this case using proxy is very easily. They can even use multilple proxies also. In fact it is called proxychains. What is proxychains

To begin with proxychains is a kind of inbuilt tool in backtrack which lets people to use proxy very easily. First of all it uses a proxy according to configuration file that should be configured. Then it will take the user to any necessary address or page thanks to multiple proxies.

Let’s look at proxychains more closely

Actually there is a is a configuration file(.conf) in a folder . It is called proxychains.conf. It’s very important as exactly in this file the user can hide his or her identity. So a person can type a command and disappear for other users. To check how it works, go to terminal, type gedit /etc/proxychains.conf and press button Enter. If you do everything right you will see the window with text. Well, it is configuration file.

What are types of proxychains

In fact there are 3 types (modes) of proxychains:

  1. 1) Dynamic_chain uses the list of proxies in the same order as you have placed;
  2. 2) Random_chain chooses and uses proxies at random;
  3. 3)Strict_chain is very similar to the first one with exception it won’t work if gets dead proxy server.

Configuration of the file

In case you have opened the file which gives a privilege to edit, enter the first command sudo su then the command gedit /etc/proxychains.conf. Next follow such steps as:

  1. Comment out the mode which you want to use;
  2. Search for any proxy server list in the Net and copy some IPs and port no. After that paste it in the line ‘add proxy here’.

Finally the configuration is done.

Learn to use proxychains

Mind the following commands for using proxychains:

  1. proxyresolv [the site you want to open]
  2. proxychains firefox [the necessary site ] (for firefox)

Follow the mentioned above instructions and you won’t have any problems with Use Proxy in Backtrack 5 anymore.

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