Learn Functions of a Proxy Server

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of proxy servers these days. They act like some link between the web and the user so it can be installed on a computer or network. Originally they were used for hastening web browsing. However a person can use proxies for a wide range of other different functions. They are:


One of the most important functions of proxies is security. A proxy server can easily hide password before passing it into the site. It is also a great solution for parental control.


One more nice function of proxy server is its ability to make your surfing Internet absolutely anonymous. It is a great opportunity for you to hide some pages you have visited in case you don’t want your boss or any other people to find out about that.

Content filtration

A content filtering proxy is usually used in offices and schools in order to restrict access to some sites and web pages with help of flagging websites or a database of blacklisted sites containing certain keywords.


Here we deal with “hostile” proxies which are able to overhear user’s browsing. In other words both visited pages and submitted forms can be first captured and then analyzed by a proxy operator.


We are talking about catching proxy servers which can store frequently-accessed sited or some sort of information such as videos or pictures. They hasten loading time.


Last but not least are circumventing proxies. Such type of proxy tries to get an access to a blocked site by overriding instructions of content-filtering proxy. It also should be mentioned that each type of a proxy has its own opportunities but all of them can be easily used in everyday life in different aspects of our life.

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