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If you don’t want on the proxy used by others,  buy cheap private proxies! Those are completely private proxies that only you will use for the duration of the lease. So even if you get blocked it’ll have nothing to do with proxy, but with the certain or specific site. We do not guarantee that there won’t be any bans, but it will be at your own responsibility.

Proxy USA

1 IP

USA private proxy.

Renewal 4$

For 30 days$5

Proxy Germany

1 IP

Germany private proxy.

Renewal 4$

For 30 days$5

Russian Proxy

1 IP

It is obvious why these proxies are so beneficial. There is no prepayment charged for their quantity, no «neighbors» will bother because this is only your private proxy.

Renewal 4$

For 30 days$5

Ukrainian Proxy

1 IP

Private proxy is a perfect option for the clients who need a new IP-address for their work or need to use Internet with hidden IP.

Renewal 4$

For 30 days$5

Proxy purchase price

Proxy renewal price

Try a free proxy!

Enter your phone number and e-mail and take a free trial!
Suitable for all sites and any purposes., Avito, Yandex, Google,, Craigslist, OLX, Wordstat, Key Collector.
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Wholesale purchase private proxies/socks

If you don’t want to use the IP-addresses, which are already being used by others, order individual proxies! These are real private proxies, which will be used by you only during entire leasing period. This is an IP-address, which cannot be so simply banned on the other websites. It is all up to you (Though we do not warrant that you won’t be banned – it all will be only up to you).
Countries: Russia, Ukraine, Germany


Why private proxy from FineProxy?

  1. Unlimited traffic and the highest speed possible
  2. The lowest price on the market
  3. Instant start after purchase private proxy server
  4. Private and shared proxies available
  5. Bandwidth: Unlimited
  6. Subnets: Multiple
  7. Cities: Multiple
  8. Elite anonymous proxy server
  9. Each private proxy list contains HTTP(s) and SOCKS5/4 proxies
  10. Control Panel:Yes
  11. Setup Fee:FREE
  12. Support all OS: Windows (XP, Vista, 7,8,10), Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS
  13. Date of receipt after payment: immediately by email
  14. Unconditional replacement within 24 hours.
  15. Always accessible and responsive technical support
  16. 5 years’ Experience and many satisfied customers worldwide

Individual or so-called private or personal proxies can be sold or rented by single client only. This is very good option because of proxies from packages are used by all the clients, which have bought them but in this case you will be acting as a single owner of the proxies. We will not sell these IP-addresses to anybody else as far as you will take care of their renewal. Of course, their price depends of this matter, therefore these proxies are ones of a kind. If you are offered to buy private proxies for 1-2$ per month, remember that this is a fraud as they do not cost that little. Thus, the most probably situation is that you are being offered the private proxy, which are currently being used by someone else.

Private proxies are perfect for regular internet surfing in case if your boss or system administrator blocked some website or someone with a “greater power” blocked your access to some website. Nowadays, such things are quite common. Wholesale buy private proxy is good option for these people that work with difficult resources such as, for instance, avito, auto,, twitter etc., where proxies from packages are being banned.

It is necessary to mention that we are not able to warrant their availability on some other resource despite of their price and extent of privacy. This is because somebody else might have already used these IP-addresses before. In such case, please kindly contact technical support and indicate the website to which you need to get an access, and we will pick up the private proxies for you. Only about our proxy servers you can say: this is my private proxy server. It is convenient, fast and cheap!


Bought this proxy to work. I liked the great opportunities, good speed. Works steadily without freezes and bugs. Technical support on top, always answer your questions.

Виталя Омельченко

I bought for my individual needs. Server works fast and all sites, which were blocked are loading.Recommend!!!

Aziz Yusupov

I bought for testing a few proxies, for Avito, one was beaten, but for 5 minutes replaced by a worker. In general, excellent service and operational work. I like it. I’ll take it here now.

Pros:quality of service
Denis Karpovich

very comfortably. bought a proxy German for a month, now there was no problem with the opening of sites. indeed working proxy searched for a long time and found it here. I advise everyone

Jack Kimley

I’ve been buying proxy for personal use for several months now. I’m pleased with everyone. The server works fine, without interruptions and freezes and the price is quite affordable.

Pros:simplicity and reliability
Cons:I did not find any shortcomings
George Weathers

It is good and very useful…much appreciated the fastest way to connect your family in other country…

Md.saharaz uddin bappy

i know but im trust it was a work or not seeing the results.


I’ve been buying proxy for personal use for several months now. I’m pleased with everyone. The server works fine, without interruptions and freezes and the price is quite affordable.

Pros:simplicity and reliability
Cons:I did not find any shortcomings
Trevor Walsh

Simple, convenient and inexpensive. High speed, no breaks, I’m very satisfied, thank you guys <3 support does not ignore, but really there is even no reason to contact her, huhh!!

Pros:more then need
Igor Polyak

I have ordered such proxy package because of it simplicity and cheap price. Its very suitable and easy to use for single private clients like me and of course as written I can acting like single owner. Our flat boss where I am renting room is blocked some web resources like torrents and so on. So in such case proxy is very actual for my everyday needs.I can say now for sure that for about 5 $ per month I am having really good product.

Pros:cheap, hight quality, easy to use
Anna-Sophia Silencio

I use proxy servers if necessary to change IP address and secure my anonymity. I prefer to buy here. Low price. Excellent quality. Big selection of countries. Operative technical support.

Pros:Low price. Quality.
Ckif Orlov

I appreciated the benefits of using individual proxies in the process of surfing the net. If you visit the network with a IP, which does not allow anyone to determine my personal information and the geographical location, this increases the privacy and security of the network.

Pros:quality, stability, individual IP-address
Cons:not found
Anton Smirnov

Approximately a year I work with fineproxy, constantly buy the personal proxies. I can safely say that here the best quality. I worked yet with a few proxies by providers, I had to explain the criterials of proxies that I need, and here they are by default. it would be desirable to mark technical support. It is responsive and patient guys that will help you even in midnight. Anna, thank you, exactly you do this service the best.

Pros:high quality
Cons:no one
Antony Richard

Dies ist die bequemste Option, wenn das Verbot nur auf Ihrem Gewissen liegt, sonst kann das Projekt wegen des “Nachbarn” einfach zusammenbrechen. Und der Preis für dieses Serviceniveau ist gut.

Juriy Divov

Very fast service. I buy USA IP-adresses every month (need for some sites and apps). I can say that the price is ok, so is the quality. I’ve been using it for 2,5 months now, the renewal is simple.

Pros:Speed, no lagging 
Cons:Haven’t found yet:)
Nicky Tick

The Internet works quickly with this proxy server, it’s all right, browser pages are loaded well. I’m very glad that I found your server. Also it’s nice that any of my questions will always be answered.

Pros:Quality, fast loading pages
Andrew Combers

Yes it is clear that we need to secure our privacy online sometime if not always. the internet has gone to the level that that we need a good VPN to achieve that. This is a good option as i did not find any better than this. My internet connection is always fast with this proxy. Thank God there are list of many places i can select from. Am happy i chose Fineproxy. I hope it will continue be like or even better.

Pros:It is working well
Cons:Can't find any
Subhash Torborg

In general, I am very satisfied. The price is low, but the product is excellent. Pleases the availability of private proxies. Convenient control panel, competent support and instant launch, right after the purchase) I recommend to friends and acquaintances, cool thing!)

Ewald Avitus

Everyone has his right for freedom and now I have it too at a very modest price. Since I have got a subscription there was no any problem of speed or inaccessibility and now I can participate in every social activity of my friends abroad. Moreover, no bans of course) Setting up was smooth and easy. FineProxy support is quite responsive and helpful.

Pros:Price, hassle free
Vadim Mikoyan
Private proxy server

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