How to remove proxy settings in Windows 7, 8 & keep it sound

The key to all problems ofwindows 7 in proxy settings? It is quite possible

Basically, the incorrect proxy setting for Windows 7 & Windows 8 internet access impossible, making your whole WWW structure useless. In most cases, proxy is created to let you connect through the IP address Typically, this IP address corresponds to the local host which in most cases is your own PC. If you are not be able to connect to the Internet, please check your proxy settings. In the worst case scenario you should reset the proxy. You might have to learn how to remove proxy settings in Windows 7, 8 altogether.

Automatic proxy settings and how it works in Windows 7 & Windows 8

To browse the Net, we use the “Automatically detect Settings” in our browser, surfing through our proxy server. After taking a new proxy server in operation, the wpad file will be changed accordingly.

Still, there is a bunch of computers, which always “ring up” proxy server, even if Internet Explorer was reset completely and the computer was restarted. In this case you should open IE wpad / wpad.dat, to get to the latest version of wpad file.

Proxy settings are not retained at startup

If this is the case with you hardware, and you need to remove proxy settings in Windows 7, 8, set the following parameters:

  1. Use “Extras” and “Settings” to go to the Network Settings in “Use proxy settings of the system” and select “Recognize proxy settings for this network automatically”
  2. Uncheck “Use proxy server for your LAN” in “Control Panel” > “Internet Options” > “LAN Settings”

Proxy server denies the connection – What to do?

What can you do if your proxy server denies the connection? If your proxy is acting crazy, do the following:

  1. Change Proxy settings in Windows 7, 8: The error occurs when the proxy settings are incorrect or extensions such as ProxTube are responsible for these settings
  2. Go to the Control Panel & Internet Options
  3. Uncheck “Use a proxy server for LAN”, if you want to use a proxy server. If you are using Firefox, you should change proxy settings in the browser

Using wireshark, we found that the browser is not looking for a wpad file, but calls the old proxy directly. Even though the option “Automatically detect settings” is selected.

If you have already disabled the old proxy network, delete all kinds of caches routers, DNS server, client – anyway and launch these services again. If all these efforts didn’t help, activate the old proxies settings in Windows 7, 8 again.

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