How to change the location using a proxy

It is not news to anybody that some sites or services allow access only for certain countries, and some, on the contrary, prohibit access to certain countries. It is easy to locate you via the IP address that your ISP provides. To bypass these restrictions, you need to change the IP address of the country for which a particular site or service will be available. This can be done using a VPN or proxy.

Let’s consider the second option. A proxy is a means of intermediate communication between a client and a server. The client makes a request on the network, the proxy passes it through itself and sends it to the right server. After that it sends back the requested information to the client. This means that there is no direct connection between the client and the server and the client’s IP address remains hidden, and the final server sees only the proxy IP address.

Thus, if you need to change your location in the network, just buy a proxy of the desired country and connect to it through a browser or program. The field of this all sites and services on the Internet will perceive you as a resident of the country in which the proxy server is located.

Free proxies are not always able to hide the real IP-address, so it is recommended to use only high-quality private proxies.

It should be noted that the final servers can determine the location not only through IP, but also through a browser or on the basis of the time zone, which is installed in it. This should be taken into account if access to the necessary sites after connecting via a proxy is still blocked.

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