How to use FineProxy bonus code (ver.2018)

There are two types of bonuses for our best proxy servers: the bonus when you activate a new account and the bonus when you renew your account.
1. You have a bonus code for activation, which gives 20% to the time of account.

You need to activate your new account page (that you bought), enter this code in the special field and click Activate.
Everything ?‚ is easy and simple.

If you code was for 20% and  account you bought is for 10 days, then add 2 days, if you bought  proxy account for 30 days, then add 6 days respectively.
2. You already have an account, but you want to extend it, with a bonus for renewal.
Here, too, everything is simple. On the page for renewal, you choose a convenient way to buy renewal code. And then while entering the code additionally specify the bonus code.
Bonus days are awarded the same as when activated.
And now, no matter what it is the way you bought an account or renewal: paypal, bitcoin, webmoney or something else. Most importantly, follow the code validity, it is limited in time.

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