Find out how to change Proxy Settings under you Windows OS?

How to Configure a Proxy Server on Windows


Companies use proxies to lock pages and make only those pages available for the employees, they need for their work. When used at home, it also has other advantages. Proxy works almost as a buffer for the pages you load. The safety is also important, multiple proxy servers can hide your IP.

It is easy to imagine that you are in need of resetting your proxy. The malware often found under Windows OS family may cause your system’ malfunction. Sometime, the only way to mend this is proxy reset. However, the type of OS you run is fundamental of how to change Proxy Settings.

If you use XP or Windows 7, you should modify Registry entry. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry… Just click “Start”, and thereafter “Run”. Whether you run XP, Vista or Windows 7, the procedure is almost identical. Ready? Then copy and paste now the following line

reg add “HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Internet Settings” / v ProxyEnable / t REG_DWORD / d 0 / f

If you have experienced troublesome Proxy Server Settings, this will most likely cure the issue, so that now you have “Automatically detect settings” enabled.

The dialog box “Settings” you can always call with one (or two) clicks.

Select the View / Preferences menu to enter “Settings”

Click OK or Cancel bottom of the “Preferences” window to exit

Windows Control Panel [Windows only]

On Windows, some of the settings from the Windows Control Panel can be changed. Most of these settings are network and Internet connectivity and support items. Due to fundamental differences in the operating system, these features are not available on the Macintosh.

The settings you should use to set the proxy server that align with your Mac OS X Safari browser are the same you have under your Mac OS X System. Exceptions to the rule are, for example, Thunderbird and Firefox programs, which either request default options or can be using the Mac OS X system settings.

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