Find Out How to Change Proxy Settings in Internet Explorer 9

It happens these days workers and students can’t get access to the necessary information. It is because a principle, a boss or even a government won’t like you to visit this or that web-page. Of course such a situation can annoy very much. Fortunately there are many ways to destroy these restrictions and go to any recourse you need. The solution is here. Follow the simple Step-by-Step instruction and find out how to change proxy settings in Internet Explorer 9 right now. But before mind some useful tips!

Be careful and don’t use a proxy server if you aren’t sure your computer has a strong virus protection. Remember that there are sites that contain IP addresses working too slowly. It sometimes happens they can’t operate at all. Moreover, some lists can be spoiled by spammers that’s why IP address won’t be able to work because this or that site has the banned the IP. That’s why use only good proxy.

Step 1

Launch Internet Explorer from the Start menu in Windows or click on the icon of the application on the desktop.

Step 2

Find and choose ‘Tools’ from the top of the screen. Next click on ‘Internet Options’ (it is the last option in the contextual menu).

Step 3

Select ‘Connections’ tab at the top of the window ‘Internet Options’. Then choose ‘Settings’ or ‘LAN settings’ button.

Step 4

Pay attention to the box near ‘Use a proxy server for your LA’ in case you want to use a custom proxy server. You will be able to add a port number with help of the following option. Mind it is often very important while using a proxy from a free list.

Step 5

Copy and then paste a server IP address in the box near the button ‘Address’. Next paste the Port number from a corresponding IP.

Step 6

Press ‘OK’. Congratulations! Your proxy settings have been already modified. In other words you can start surfing the Internet right now. Load a necessary page to check if the proxy server works properly.

In case you have followed the mentioned above steps but a new proxy server isn’t still remembered, check these things:

While entering URL or any other Internet address for a proxy server, make sure you are using the slashes (/) but not backslashes (\).

If you are trying to enter a universal naming convention or local network address, be sure you use backslashes (\) but not slashes (/).

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