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On how many PCs (servers), you can work?

When working via login and password, you can only work with one ISP. 1 account = 1 ISP. If you are working with two, three, 10 servers, then each of them needs its own account. When authentication occurs via login and password, then you do need to bind with the provider. To do this you need to go to Control Panel, to bind to the IP, PROVIDER MASK WILL BE AUTHOMATICALLY DETERMINED. If you for some reason changed the provider, you can always change your binding at any time. Proxy installation timeframe is 5-10 minutes.

Want to work with a colleague? Or You have a dynamic IP, it is necessary that the proxy was working 24/7? Buy dedicated server from us, set up everything on it (make reference to his IP) and everything will work.

Our proxies must not be used for:

  • Prohibited to use our proxy to distribute spam and other types of illegal mailings, such as "spamming the forums/blogs/guest rooms/social bookmarks collections/bulletin boards and other types of sites, as well as mass registrations on them, without the consent of the owners.
  • If you have an incoming complaint for mass registration, spamming, or something else, your account will be disabled without refund.
  • It is also forbidden to distribute illegal information prohibited by the law of the Russian Federation and other countries.
  • Of course, it is forbidden to use a proxy for hacker attacks, hacking sites, information theft, and other activities prohibited under the laws of the Russian Federation and other countries.

For non-compliance your account will be blocked immediately without warning or any funds return. By buying a proxy, you agree to these rules (the rules may be supplemented and amended).

Do you proxies get renewed?

Button, which will allow you to “recreate” a list of proxies from our buffer with proxies, will become available in your account after 8 days upon activation of your package. This means that the list can become partially renewed. We cannot be sure how many changes will be done because it is not done manually and depends on many factors such as follows: general amount of IP-addresses in database, your tariff, amount of clients, load and even your luck.

Terms of refund

  1. 1. To obtain a refund, send a ticket confirming, that you are not satisfied with the proxy, and explaining why you request a refund.
  2. 2. We do not refund money if since activation passed more than 24 hours. This time is quite enough for the test.
  3. 3. We do not refund the money if the proxy is banned on any site (Google, Yohoo, and others), since we do not sell not the access to the site, but proxy. Buy it, try it, and if you don’t not like it, get your money back.

Customer support contacts:

Our ticket system works for you. When applying to technical support, please indicate the following: proxy package you are using, your account login and password, received after you purchased the access. It is much more difficult to solve problems of anonymous clients.

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