Discover the world with a China proxy

It’s no a secret that Chinese internet is very censored. It censored to the point of kids internet version. Chinese people are fully ”protected” from all ”adult” sites and social networks by Great firewall. All pages are filtered by key words and blacklists which includes:

  • Google and Google+
  • Mail service Gmail
  • Social network Facebook
  • Video hosting Youtube
  • Social network Twitter
  • Social network Instagram
  • Wikipedia
  • “Adult” websites
  • Real time apps (telephonia, TV, on-line games) don’t work right.

But you can avoid any restrictions by using safe and anonymous ways to join internet, for example with proxy for China.

A china proxy doesn’t differ from any other one. It is a computer server that helps using Internet anonymously. In other words everyone can easily send an e-mail from a different IP, just using proxy for China. Moreover, no one will be able to watch a person’s activity which means that user can access any site he needs. Of course using proxy for China for research and visiting different websites becomes more and more popular nowadays.

Sometimes a certain site is blocked for the people from other parts of the world, but having IP from a necessary country won’t cause any problems.

Especially it refers to the countries like Vietnam and China, where many resources are blocked. With a china ip proxy you can change the address and get the access to all sites.

Certainly it would help by a lot since as there are too many forbidden sites in China, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other well-known services. Moreover, this list includes a great amount of other ordinary pages like cooking sites or tech sites. It’s obvious that the Chinese government isn’t going to remove all those restrictions one day, that’s why locals have to learn how to visit these services safely.

China proxy server is also a great tool for smartphone as L2TP VPN and PPTP protocols are for sure blocked which means that the iPhone and iPad owners, as well as Android users can’t visit Facebook unless they learn about chinese proxy.

Using proxy for free internet in China is not just an internet access. Buying it you also get:

  • free web surfing from any gadget (compute, laptop, tablet or phone);
  • easy access with any operating system (Аndroid, Apple, Windows);  
  • opportunity for work and study without restrictions.

All you need to look for china proxy server list and pick up what will work for you the best. After that you should enter a necessary URL and become a part of the modern world without restrictions.

So you can see hiding the IP with a chinese proxy server is a fantastic way to restrictions-free Internet. If you need chinese proxy with Chinese location we can also help you. We offer packages that include geolocation.

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