Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers. But its users are also faced with a ban on certain sites. For those who don’t know how to set up a proxy in the Google Chrome browser, we have prepared a guide. It is simple and detailed (with screenshots) to show how to set up […]

Once you have purchased and activated your proxy server account, run Internet Explorer: Tap Settings. Next is “Internet options”. Next up: Open the “Connections” tab. Click “Lan settings”. In the window that opens: Mark the checkbox “Use a proxy server for your LAN”. Enter the IP proxy server and port and click <OK>. If you […]

It is not news to anybody that some sites or services allow access only for certain countries, and some, on the contrary, prohibit access to certain countries. It is easy to locate you via the IP address that your ISP provides. To bypass these restrictions, you need to change the IP address of the country […]

Fineproxy annually adds new countries to the list of regions it makes available to users. The list of locations available in 2019 is quite broad and includes regions from all corners of the world, including the following: In America, proxy servers can be used to work with resources from the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, […]

Doing modern business is closely related to European countries and includes work with European websites. But access to many of them is blocked for Russian users. The problem can be solved with the help of proxy servers. The company Fineproxy offers proxy packages, which will provide access to the sites of different European countries. With […]

Fineproxy’s proxy packages provide access to the Americas through the use of IP addresses belonging to different regions of the country. In addition to the largest cities in the U.S., they provide access to regions of the Americas such as the United States: Hawaii; Mexico; Brazil; Argentina; Canada; Panama; Chile; Colombia. All proxy versions operate […]

Fineproxy’s U.S. proxies will provide you with the ability to solve any corporate or personal problems on U.S. websites without any banners or other restrictions. The proxy packages provided in this section provide access to Internet resources from IP addresses in the following cities and regions of the United States: Los Angeles, California; Seattle, Washington; […]

IPv4 and IPv6 are Internet protocols that allow you to connect members of the network (both global, that is, the Internet, and local, providing everyone with a specific address). IPv4 was developed in 1980 and is still in use. Its main problem is the lack of free addresses. Because they have a 32-bit representation, their […]

Before purchasing a proxy server, it is important to understand what they are like to make sure that the choice meets your needs. The most famous proxies are FTP (file transfer), CGI (access via anonymizer), SMTP, POP3 and IMAP (e-mail forwarding management), HTTP and HTTPS (online access), Socks. Let’s take a closer look at each […]

Proxy is an ideal tool for solving a wide range of tasks: from simply unlimited access to blocked web sites, content parsing from web sites and working with various software to organizing mass work of optimizers and other specialists (mailing lists, auto-registration, spamming, etc.). A good tool does not have to be expensive. On this […]