Mass creation of accounts via proxy

When you register a new account in a social network, forum, game or other service, the remote server saves not only the login, password and other information entered by the user, but also the IP-address. This is done to prevent mass registration of accounts that may be used for spamming.

Services such as Facebook, Pinterest, Craigslist and others also store information about the user’s device. The registration of another entry from the same device, as well as from a previously used IP address, can lead to both a temporary and permanent ban on all accounts. Moreover, some communities, such as forums, may suspect users of registering clones if they use the same IP address.

This problem is often found on the home LAN. In many cases

In some cases, this results in the loss of accounts, correspondence history, links, photo and video archives.

This is a problem faced by online marketers, SEO-optimizers, crowd-marketers, who need mass registration of accounts for a permanent presence on the target server on behalf of a large number of characters.

It is almost impossible to use special software, which makes many queries to search engines, social networks and other services, using a single computer. It includes programs well-known among online professionals like Semrush, Ahrefs, Similarweb, Spyfu, MOZ.

Part of the problem is solved by free online anonymizers or Tor’s browser. But they can only be used to access the site. We are not talking about using software at all. Anonymous browsers are also known for their slow connection, data loss and constant authorization requirements.

There is a way out! This is mass creation and further safe use of accounts in social networks, on forums, in games with the help of proxies.

A proxy server is an intermediate link between the user’s device and the requested service. It reliably masks the geographical location of the user, his IP-address and allows you to position yourself as a completely different person. For example, an American who connects through a proxy to Facebook via his or her iPhone may be perceived as a Canadian using iMac.

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The remote server will not be able to determine your location. One hundred accounts registered from your computer through a proxy server will be considered as a hundred different users. There is no reason for suspicion of increased activity, let alone a ban!

SEO and SMM specialists, marketers, gamers successfully use our proxies for different purposes. They hide their IP addresses and manage a large number of accounts from one device. It’s time to try!

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