Anonymous proxy for everyone at the best price

Not all people are privileged to have freedom. Some are controlled by governments others by boss at work, who blocks the access to certain sites to prevent visiting the pages during working hours. It sounds very annoying since any human wants to have freedom of action. However there always a way out. The best thing you can do in this case is getting anonymous proxy and learning its benefits.

Technically, anonymous proxy is a regular proxy that replaces IP – address. As a result server won’t recognize the original address of the user.

First of all anonymous proxy server is online server that plays an important role connecting the Net and a workstation user. It is usually accessed through the web browser, but it is possible to trick a computer, modem or router by sending requests straight to proxy.

The online proxy server receives the search query, sends it to a proper web proxy server, and after that runs on the requested information. If everything is fine and works properly, a server will see the proxy and won’t contain any information about original PC that sent a request. The advantages of anonymous proxy are obvious. It helps to keep privacy and no one will be able to trace you and check the website you have visited.

What are the types of anonymous proxy?

Let’s learn how the proxy works. When user requests a resource, service sends some information (attributes). These process include IP address, operating system version, browser name and version. When passing this information through a proxy server, the proxy can spoof IP and add proxy attributes information that this client is using a proxy.

Proxy has several levels of anonymity which depend on possible manipulations with IP

Type/criteria User IP Attributes
Transparent non-replaceable Not hidden
Anonymous regular replaceable with IP proxy Not hidden
Distorting replaceable with random, turns into anonymous proxy Not hidden
High Anonymity (Elite) User IP changes into proxy address Hidden, which tricks the site showing that it works with a regular user without proxy

As well as hiding a person’s IP address, an anonymous proxy server usually deletes cookies, scripts, banners, etc. Another benefit is that online proxy server is completely free so everybody can enjoy it at no cost.

Advantages of anonymous proxy:

  • guarantee of complete anonymity;
  • includes the option of keeping records of requests;
  • protection against network attacks and unauthorized hacking;
  • increases the speed of loading sites.

The disadvantage of anonymous proxy is that using this type of proxy is sometimes not entirely legal. On the other hand, quite often this is the only way to get full access to network resources.

Keep in mind that not all sites accept anonymous proxy. For example, if you want to post an article on Wikipedia, then you are unlikely to succeed. Wikipedia does not allow the user to review the page if you are logged under anonymous proxy.

Today this type of proxy is still in demand. Privacy is necessary for work, study and just surfing the web. That’s why users still need anonymous proxy for safe work on the internet without any limits.

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