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Proxy provides anonymity of the user online. This is done by changing the local ip-address. There are three types of proxy: free, individual and shared proxy.

Proxy selection: free vs individual vs shared proxy

Advantages and disadvantages of each type of proxy by defining parameters:


Parameter / Proxy Free Individual Shared proxy
Speed The minimum speed due to the large number of parallel connections Maximum comfortable speed Optimum speed, suitable for all tasks
Price Free From 5$ From 0.01 cent for proxy
Purpose Suitable for visiting social networks, searching for information on sites Ideal for professional use (optimizers, marketers, hackers, etc.) The best choice for those who need a large number of servers at a low price
Number of users Unlimited One Multiple (limited number)

In this way,

free proxies are free, BUT:

  • Minimum connection speed and limited traffic (due to user traffic).
  • Often, these proxies are monitored and blocked in many social networks.
  • Free proxies are blocked by search engines due to spam, which significantly complicates the work.
  • Low anonymity.
  • Constant interruptions in work.

buy shared proxy is necessary for those who need:

  • Stable work without restrictions on traffic and speed.
  • High anonymity.
  • Work without bans.
  • Optimal price.

private (individual) proxies are exclusive services at a competitive price, as well as:

  • Complete anonymity.
  • Maximum speed.
  • Stability in work.

Therefore, buying shared proxies you get the optimal set of all the necessary conditions for safe and high-quality work on the network at the lowest price.

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