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Proxy provides anonymity of the user online. This is done by changing the local ip-address. There are three types of proxy: free, individual and shared proxy.

Proxy selection: free vs individual vs shared proxy

Advantages and disadvantages of each type of proxy by defining parameters:


Parameter / ProxyFreeIndividualShared proxy
SpeedThe minimum speed due to the large number of parallel connectionsMaximum comfortable speedOptimum speed, suitable for all tasks
PriceFreeFrom 5$From 0.01 cent for proxy
PurposeSuitable for visiting social networks, searching for information on sitesIdeal for professional use (optimizers, marketers, hackers, etc.)The best choice for those who need a large number of servers at a low price
Number of usersUnlimitedOneMultiple (limited number)

In this way,

free proxies are free, BUT:

  • Minimum connection speed and limited traffic (due to user traffic).
  • Often, these proxies are monitored and blocked in many social networks.
  • Free proxies are blocked by search engines due to spam, which significantly complicates the work.
  • Low anonymity.
  • Constant interruptions in work.

buy shared proxy is necessary for those who need:

  • Stable work without restrictions on traffic and speed.
  • High anonymity.
  • Work without bans.
  • Optimal price.

private (individual) proxies are exclusive services at a competitive price, as well as:

  • Complete anonymity.
  • Maximum speed.
  • Stability in work.

Therefore, buying shared proxies you get the optimal set of all the necessary conditions for safe and high-quality work on the network at the lowest price.

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