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Our team is quite young and consists of true professionals. Yet, we have already gained great reputation in the IT services industry.

We are offering our services in the market of proxy servers since 2011. We have managed to uphold our position in the industry very well so far.

Everything began with the 10 IP proxy packages and VDS renting. Now the maximum size of the proxy package offered is 15 000 IP while total amount of the IPs exceeds 25 000. We are a Local Internet Registry. We host some IPs in other LIRs.

Currently a number of servers exceeds 400. Greater part of these servers is located in our data center construction of which has been initiated by us in 2014. This is because the data centers we’ve hosted servers from have not been able to ensure stability we were in a need for. Part of servers is being hosted in the third party Data Centers to optimize a bandwidth of the proxies.

A majority of companies prefers to run a hosting business and then offer the proxies as a side product. We have been specializing in the proxies since the very beginning of our business. And this is where our main focus is on.

Take a look at the photos made in our Data Center:

And here you can see the traffic volume we are currently managing:

This is the chart made in the Data Center where we are hosting the servers.

The first cluster looks like that:


The second cluster looks like that:


And these volumes keep growing. And we are very happy about it.

Currently our team consists of six workers and freelancers. This is not much but is enough to provide 24/7 support as well as offer servers servicing which just keeps getting better.

We have also started VPN service in 2015. Please kindly visit https://finevpn.org/ for more information.

Contact Information:

Offers and collaboration matters: admin@fineproxy.org

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our technical support.

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