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Many and of high quality! They work without authorization (with IP connection) or via login/password system.

VIP-package HTTP(S)+Socks5/4
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Russian and Ukrainian: 2 000 IP

Two-in-one: same proxy – cheaper together!

Russian + Ukrainian + European: 3 000 IP

Three-in-one: same proxies – cheaper together!

Russian + Ukrainian + European and more: 5 500 proxy

All packages, excluding those which require authorization and "America 1000", and even a bit more. (Russia, Ukraine, England, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Latvia, Netherlands, Germany, Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Norway, Italy, South Africa, Egypt, Pakistan, Singapore, Iran, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Australia, Spain, Iceland, Finland (countries may differ from those that get after buying)) 5,500 server proxies.

For connoisseurs: 15000 IP

On request, technical support, can issue a proxy package of 15 000 IP addresses. (countries as well as in package Super Mix: 5500 IP). Price $ 250 per month, for 10 days 150$. The number of sales is limited. Money-back trial period or not, this package is for those who are already working with us and know our quality.


  1. Traffic: Unlimited
  2. Bandwidth: Unlimited
  3. Subnets: Multiple
  4. Cities: Multiple
  5. Proxy Type:Elite/High anonymous
  6. Proxy protocol:HTTP/HTTPS/socks4/socks5
  7. Control Panel:Yes
  8. Setup Fee:FREE
  9. Date of receipt after payment: immediately on email
  10. Refund: If it has been less than 24 hours after purchase.
  11. Support:24/7